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Overvolted multimeter? Answered

Simple question. (or maybe not)
I have a digital multimeter I bought a while ago that I think I accidentally put too much voltage through. The voltmeter function on it is now broken. Whenever it's turned on, it reads "156 VDC" even though no voltage is being applied. (however, when I do apply voltage, the meter does detect it.) All other functions seem to be working correctly, but I'm bummed because the voltmeter is what I use the most.
Is there any way to "reset" a multimeter? if not, is there anything I could try to fix it?
Thanks in advance.


Most likely, you didn't apply too much VOLTAGE. Likely what you did was you placed the meter on an AMPERES range and then attempted to measure some VOLTAGE. This blows the fuse inside the meter which is usually easy to replace. If you attempted to measure the output voltage of a tesla coil or on a spark-plug... then you OVERVOLTED the meter and will need a new meter. Digital multimeters are very forgiving of mistakes compared to the old analog meters. To avoid damaging a Digital multimeter just follow these tips: 1. never put the meter into any amperes range untill you are experienced at using volts and ohms settings and you understand what you are doing. 2. never put any of the probes into the other jack labeled "amps". untill you know what you are doing. 3. NEVER use a digital multimeter to check the voltage of a spark plug of a car or lawnmower.

You've blown the meter. Open it up and see if the fuses are blown and replace them. Most good meters have built in protection. Some use fused you have to replace and others have self resetting fuses built in. If you meter doesn't have a fuse in it that is blow then you have a dead meter now and will have to buy a new one.