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PDF Download Answered


I've just activated a premium membership but can't seem to be able to download any PDFs of Instructables. When I click 'Download PDF' it asks me to buy a pro membership when I am still logged in to my account. On previous Pro Memberships this has been fine.

Any suggestions/help welcome.



Everything checks out with your account. If you are still unable to download PDFs, try logging out and back in to reset your account. If you are still unable to download PDFs after that, please contact our support team at service@instructables.com (be sure to include your username)

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

Hey could you please help me by downloading a pdf file if posssible?

I have been a Premium Member since 2007. Here recently I can't download any 'ibles either. Help please.

I have been a pro/premium member since 2015 but I can no longer download PDF's, and am being asked to 'upgrade to premium' again as you were experiencing. Logging out and logging back in is not resolving the issue.

Could be just a matter of time...
Keep in mind that usually some human interaction is required and that on or right after a weekend the time might be limited to get it all done.

If still no good tomorrow and no meangful reply from one of the gurus here then send an Email with all the details to the support team.
I am sure it will be solved quite quick.


It can take a day or so for some servers to synchronise.