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PIR motion detector Answered

My roommates and I decided that we wanted an electronic project to work on and we chose to try out making a motion detector. The only thing is, we really have no idea how.

We have this PIR sensor, a small PC board, some wire, a buzzer and soldering equipment.

My question is, how can we make a motion detector that buzzes when it senses motion? What more do we need to buy?

We have looked online but couldn't find anything for people that really have no idea what to do.
Thanks for any help!


. You didn't dig quite far enough. The Product Support tab at the link you gave leads to this User's Guide (PDF)

Thanks, that is helpful, but we still don't know what to do with that exactly... we really have no experience in this area and we are trying to learn through doing this, but an example circuit or a walk through on the general idea would be most helpful. Thanks again

. Since it keeps talking about the output being used to drive a uC input, it probably won't drive a buzzer directly. Someone here should be able to tell you how to use a transistor to drive the buzzer.