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PLEASE ANSWER SOON: What is the best way to catch a turtle? Answered

Please, anyone who is good at catching turtles, I would like to know the best way to catch one. You can tell me how using traps, nets, etc. please tell me soon!!!!


Aquatic turtles are notoriously distrustful of humans and will oftentimes swim away before you get anywhere near them. Basking traps work great for turtles that sun themselves on logs or rocks like painted or map turtles but not so well on snapping or musk turtles. Baited hoop traps catch all varieties of turtle, just make sure that the trap is only partially submerged if you want to keep the turtle alive. Turtles are reptile and will drown if they're prevented from surfacing and breathing.

dig a square hole about 10 inches deep and put some lettuce on the inside and line the top edge with a little so the turtle can see it.

Keep in mind that many places have laws regarding local wildlife, make sure you observe these laws before catching and/or keeping a native turtle. In addition some places (such as the state of Tennessee, USA) prohibit turtles or tortoises to be kept period without proper licensing.

When my dad was a kid, he would catch turtles with a piece of red cloth on a string on a pole. The turtles would grip the cloth so tightly that he could lift them out of the water and into a container.

In a swamp, I saw a large 14 inch snapping turtle on the mud below the boat. I reached down, grabbed his tail and pulled him into the boat. He proceeded to make havoc :-). ~Bob~

Sometimes, if a baby or small turtle, you can catch it in a net. But if its big then you should use a box to keep it in, so it doesn't escape or bite.


9 years ago

What kind of turtle, and why?

once you have located one grab it by the sides and pick it up lol

A brisk walk is generally enough to catch up with one.