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PLEASE HELP Dissertation questionnaire on craft projects online and the social community! Answered

Hi can you please complete this questionnaire for my dissertation? It would be a massive help, the subject is about online how to's in terms of craft and the social community and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom.

If you could fill out the questionnaire or leave a comment below with your thoughts, that would be amazing.

The questionnaire is anonomous!

Also I am designing a dressing table so ladies, if you could complete this short one too that would be amazing!

Thankyou for your time =)

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lemonie (author)2013-01-13

Where is the button for up to 18 years of a person's life?


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katrina789 (author)lemonie2013-01-13

Should be there =)
thanks for your time! Really appreciated.

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