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OK so i am buying a used pocket bike but i am not to shure what to look for on the bike and what to make shure it has and make shure nothing is wrong!


Make sure you spell sure correctly

I Love it the FUNEST part is changing parts and learning what different pieces are and what they do


10 years ago

I would not buy it at all because those things are designed to break down and you have to fix them every day.

it's been 3 months, I think he's chosen to buy or not to buy one by now

Wow, I am glad I don't have any "pockets" that size :-)

I think it's Giovanni

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Wow thats pretty nice Its $204 on their site but i'm guessing its cheaper where your buying it. Well Giovanni is a pretty good bike there fast (my friend had one) they look like they have a pretty nice engine. And how much is it from the site or person your buying it from?


10 years ago

i saw a website selling one for $170

What kind is it? I've had a few pocket bikes but not particularly good for my land because i have a small driveway and a busy road. So now i have a dirt bike. And maybe a picture.