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Hello everyone! 
I currently have a project in development which is lacking only one step.

I am making a DIY Electric skateboard powered by a Arduino UNO board. I have some leds in the back working fine, the esc and motor work when I adjust the delay to 1300 miliseconds..

But my problem is to control the esc and motor via de potenciometer. Right now my potenciometer only reads me the values from 0-1023 but nothing happens. I have a map in my code but nothing is moving when using the potentiometer.

Can someone help me out to make the potenciometer work?

Here is the link to the instructables page where I have all the materials I used and also the code!


Thanks in advance!!



7 months ago

Every time you delay for an led the sadw is not watching your pot.

You need to have your esc maintain the rpm or current when no signal is changed..

I suspect your esc output signal goes to zero when you play with LEDs

Thanks! I solved the problem changing the order of the esc input!

I have changed it already in the project page.

Thank you anyway!