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POV Answered

I am looking for information and help to build a POV display that projects the statement: "No light beer." Anyone out there that can help me? I've looked at and followed the postings over time, but have no way of knowing where to start. Thanking one and all in advance. :)


You need something like this

Oscillating Blue 2-Line Message Display

I think this would be a relatively hard make. Getting the oscillating motion wouldn't be the easiest job in the world. If you did though, you would just need to set up the POV controller to sync the start of the message to the same point in the osciallation cycle.

Another approach would be to use a rotating ring like this:

LED P.O.V. Globe

Might be easier to set up the hardware side, and message could bee seen from all sides.

Pyrofer is an active member on various DIY sites, he/she may be able to provide some help or advice if you ask...

I should be more specific. I need the device to sit in a stationary position, but want people to be able to see the "No light beer" message. Can the POV-mini be programed for these three words? Does it take a rocket scientist to program these? I frankly am not "real" adept with computers. I am an "old school" apple lle fan currently using a pre-INTEL mac mini. I should mention that I despise M$ operating system. Are these things able to be "actuated" through my OS 10 system? Thanks again. PS: I have beginner skills as far as electronic skills go. Can solder and with good instructions feel that I can complete a kit, etc.

Do you mean more of an LED scrolling sign? I don't see how you could have a POV that is stationary.