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PRO Trial Answered

A trial of the Pro subscription should be offered. At the very least, there should be an option to download sample pdf's to see if a subscription is worth it.


I agree with this comment. As for the people talking about posting an instructable to get a free trial, people don't need to make posts in order to get a Netflix or Amazon Prime trial, and Instructables should be the same.

I can only see two reasons why someone wants a trial:
A) less ads - but that could be sorted by other means too
B) option to download PDF'S and Ebooks

IMHO it boils down to people getting a trial pro account just to download the PDF('s) they need.
Won't make them be active here in any way...

I agree that it is hard for the budding crafter to justify the cost of a membership just to print a craft to try. I am just starting to quilt, so it would make no sense for me to have a one year or even three month membership as the quitling process will probably take a while since I work full time. I love this site, I just wish there were other options. A trial might make some people more inclined to actually buy, but right now I have no idea if the cost is worth it.

If you post a quality instructable, it could be featured by staff and you'll get a free membership! I've never paid for a membership and haven't been without one since I published my first instructable. I'll make you an offer. If you publish an instructable and it doesn't get featured, I'll gift you 3 months pro for your effort.

Please add some kind of trial, or free-choice-length/on-demand membership type. It could have limited access to content, like fixed number of PDFs to download etc. Possibility to purchase individual PDFs would be useful as well.

As a occasional DIY-wannabe paying for a full year would be just wasting money. I would like to download the PDFs for few instructables, but I don't want to pay for full year membership.

If you post a cool instructable, you can earn three months pro for free. Make it very cool, you could get a year's worth.

I will give a three months free pro membership for you to try. please pm me if you need it

Acrobat Pro can convert entire website or just selected content to a PDF file.
There are free webservices too but most have problems integrating images that are not part of the website, for example when linked to an image hoster.

My time has been very limited the last few weeks due to health issues, however I am no longer in need of a pro account.
Thank you all!

I don't mind paying for a pro membership, however money is ALWAYS extremely tight!! I was going to do the $3.95/mo, unfortunately that didn't work for me as you've got pay for a whole year all at once!! I'm not sure if I was more disappointed or pissed when realizing this. The cheapest you can do is a 3month, and unfortunately when you're barely getting 1 meal a day, even that end ups being to costly. There NEEDS to be a month by month plan!!!!!

I will give you a free pro membership. Please pm me if you really want it

I've got over 5 years of pro membership for free just by posting quality instructables and participating in a few events around the site. It's easy to get a trial membership that way. Give it a shot.

You can get pro accounts for free, just by posting something cool enough to be Featured.