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PS360 Controller Answered

I'm planning on making an Xbox controller with a dualshock 3 controller inside.  I'll be making one for me, but I'm looking to earn some money so I'm curious if anybody would be interested in buying a second one for themselves.  Keep in mind this won't be cheap, it will cost up to $100 in parts alone.  While I don't have a lot of experience, I have a lot of skill (see my tvbgone sonic screwdriver for an example). Lastly, keep in mind this is not a sale yet, just gauging interest so I know whether or to make a second one.  Leave comments here on requests for aesthetic features, and PM me if you have a price you'd be willing to pay.  Please only reply if you're serious.  Expect to see a sale post sometime in July, I'll be going by best offer.


The idea is great, for sure it would be a great pad out of it. But I'm not convinced if it's worth the husle. My friend bought pad to PS3 which looks like one from X360 for around 20 bucks...and it's actually well made. I need to read more on DIY or MLM blog about it :)

Your best bet is to make one for yourself and see how it comes out. If you complete the project and it looks like something you'd see in a store try and sell them to your friends. If they like them then go on to try and sell on the Web. It sounds mean but unless the thing is 100% perfect it won't sell. Good luck though!