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**HELP** PSP: battery charger **HELP** Answered

Can I charge my psp with 6 volts (aka 4xaa) ? even though its only supposed to have 5v....Or do I have to go to the source ( what used to be radio shack in Canada ) and find a regulator. If so what little digits should be on it ? and would any of the following regulators work ? AN6541 IRL3103 ( I already have them I ripped them of of old mobos) To explain I lost my wall charger and usb charge don't work unless its on..... and the battery is dead


he found a good regulator and radio-shacks web site. now he needs a dc supply

you might not need a regulator, put idunno

Yeah I urgently need to get it on but I don't wanna risk frying it.

well in instructables someone used 4 AA's with a phat psp and nothing went wrong, so yeah...

i would not risk my psp like that. the best choice is either: 1) 7805 2) 5v regulated wall wart acceptable substitutes: 1)lm317 possible alternatives (require a digital multimeter) any general purpose mosfet.

yes. im not sure about the pinning though. try googling it.

Why doesn't the usb work?

Usb charge is off. The computer I use most of the time is Usb 1.0 so it malfunctions when it is on and thats why its off.

But the problem is the battery is already dead and I cant go iinto usb mode