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I need to find a topic for a public speaking assignment, but i cant find anything interesting enough. I don't want to do anything usual. I need something completely different.?


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Burf (author)2011-02-17

Read the attached brochure, its a subject near to my heart and one of the main reasons I hold disdain for Microsoft and Apple:

kevinhannan (author)2011-02-17

...government conspiracies...

...why your vote counts for nothing

...your struggle to find a suitable topic might be your topic! ;-)

good luck and break a leg!

steveastrouk (author)2011-02-17

The importance of owning your own stuff.
Why Apple and Sony want to own you.

craftyv (author)2011-02-17

It's always a good idea to talk about a topic you are knowledgable about because you will be comfortable with the topic and are familiar with the "jargon". Other considerations are, who you will be talking to and the object of the assignment. eg. If you are being assessed on your ability to plan, stick to a timetable, research key points, etc. That is what you must concentrate on. If it's how well you speak in public, aim at the group and it's interests, age and something both you and they are keen about. Aim for bullet-points rather than complete notes. Key points to jog your mind. Complete speeches are a no-no because you rely on the speech, have your face down on the notes (look them in the eye) and are isolated from the audience. I am quite experienced at this and would be happy to say more if you would like it.

janw (author)2011-02-17

talk about making things, sharing thing and why it is important to know how to make stuff.

Kiteman (author)2011-02-17


Writer's block?


frollard (author)2011-02-17

do a talk on public speaking. If you talk about techniques, traits, and strategies, they'll know you researched. If you DO the techniques, they'll know you understood them.