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PVC Coin Dispenser Belt Answered

Anyone know how to make a PVC pipe Coin Dispenser Belt? Push a button & out pops a coin from one of fore tubes hanging on your belt.    I need to know what size pipe to use, how the triggers work to spit the coins out & how to put it all together.



3 years ago

Half the fun of making something is researching how to go about it.

Measure the coins you wish to dispense, and find the closest inside-diameter pipe or tubing.

I am researching, I'm asking the pro builders, aka you guys. I looked around for info or diagrams on how it works & all I can find are pictures of the belt dispenser & no info on how it works.
Ok, I can find out the size of the pipes for the coins, but I still need info on how the triggers work on the dispenser.

The ones I've used had a ring at the bottom of each tube. The rings were just larger than the coin so the coin at the bottom would rest inside it. When the lever is pushed, the ring swings outward, taking the coin with it and dropping it into your waiting hand. The ring for the pennies was taller, so three pennies were dispensed with each push of the lever. All the others were the height of a single coin. This design (there may be others) goes back many decades. (I'm old!) :-)

Never took one apart but it's pretty easy to work out the mechanics. The lever you press down rotates a shaft. The shaft and panel that pushes a coin out the side of the tube look something like the first image below. Other models will drop the coin out the bottom. Likely inserting a panel between the bottom 2 coins and dropping the bottom of the tube out allowing the bottom coin to fall. Which would make the mechanism slightly different as the second diagram shows.

coin op.pngcoin op.png

Your images tell me nothing, but, what you said gave me an idea for something.
Looking back my main coin belt image. The levers are attached to a small tube on a rod. I remembered something about using a single panel cut with a specificity cut hole in it to pull out one coin at a time. The tube would have a tooth to pull the panel out. Ether their would be a spring on the panel or the tube to reset the lever.

coin slot.JPG