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PVC-Free contact paper alternative? Answered

I recently learned about Con-Tact brand chalkboard contact paper, which I think it really cool! You can cover a surface in it and write with chalk. I thought it would be cool to use a laser cutter to cut the paper into shapes, letters, etc. and put it on the walls.

Alas, after contacting the manufacturer, it turns out to be made of PVC (vinyl). Laser cutting PVC produces chlorine gas, which besides being toxic, is also highly corrosive and bad for the laser cutter.

Anyone know of an alternative that's not made of vinyl or PVC? It doesn't need to be big like contact paper, and it doesn't need to be chalkboard-like either (for chalkboard stuff there's paint), but I'm most interested in some kind of material I can cut into shapes and stick onto walls and other things.

Thanks for any ideas!


Look into the cameo silhouette machines which use tiny knife blades to cut instead of a laser.

Yeah, I've heard of those, but I don't have one. I do have access to a laser cutter :-)

I tried at one point to find a copy shop that has a cameo cutter, but no luck.

On a related note, I could make a stencil out of cardboard using the laser cutter, and then use an x-acto knife to cut out the contact paper by hand.

Maybe you can find a local print shop that does vinyl banners. They probably have the industrial version of the cameo and may offer the service to cut your stencils or vinyl. Good luck.