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PVC Pressure Canister Answered

I want to build PVC Pressure Canisters what diameter pipe should I use?

Naysayer's welcome to comment I would love to here the crazy and logical reasons this would not work



look for the post by maewarts, where he talks about nearly killing himself with pressurised PVC

look for arduino controlled pneumatic cannon.His handle is Maewerts.

He nearly took his head off. ....

Thanks for the Thought I may stick with somewhere around 40-50PSI

I can't find anyone with that handle, are you sure it's spelled like that?

Who thinks this won't blow up in my face?

Define "pressure", define "PVC".

Different grades of PVC will hold different amounts of pressure.

What pressures do you want to store, and what volumes of those pressures do you want to store?

How long do you want to store it? How often (and how rapidly) do you want to cycle between high and low pressure?

Hey, Kiteman I was hoping you would see this. I want to store 100PSI for anywhere from 1 hour to a day in a tube i would like to put on a quick attach connection for the removal of the air. PVC as in Poly-Vinyl Chloride I believe. and pressure as in 100 PSI

You'll need to check, but I believe you need "schedule 40" pipe.

OK sounds like a run to Homedepot to me. Thanks for all the help

You're welcome, but I repeat; Check your details.

Find a specialist assistant at HomeDepot, and confirm what pressure the pipe can take.

also what temperature do you want to store at. PVC derates rapidly with temperature

Same temperature as the average temperature in Tennessee so anywhere from the 90s to the 40s depending on the day

I googled "pvc pressure rating" and I found a table of maximum pressure and operational pressure of different pvc diameters. I always say that Google is our friend.

Steel is much better, and you can find canisters that someone / some-machine has already-made.