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Pain is a learning curve Answered

Ok, I just made some hot chocolate, the usual 90 seconds in a microwave, narrow mug, powder and soy milk with a sprinkle of nutmeg.....
drank it felt no different......but it appears that apparently it was too hot without me even realising it, and I should know because I drink hot chocolate with a spoon.
My lips, roof of my mouth, gums and tounge are swelling sore and blistering. Great!
Do you know what the best cure is?
Whiskey, I'm sat in the living room drinking whiskey to cool the burns in my mouth, it doesnt hurt so much now but my god my lips are swelling like a mongoose fish.
Who needs botocs?
I have alot of food allergies too which doesn't help. Do any of you guys have food allergies and how do you cope with them, tips appreciated :)


As Kiteman suggests, stirring is needed in the microwave as uneven heating is always present, and one section of food or liquid can feel cool, another is overly hot. Tis an easy mistake to make, and not hard to fix the next time. :-)


7 years ago

Sorry to hear of your mishap, and I don't mean to kick you while you're down but I must take issue with your description.

I believe it was the great sage Lewis Black who pointed out that there is no such thing as Soy Milk. It is more correctly referred to as Soy Juice, and we know this because there is obviously no soy tit.

I think I'd stay away from the alcohol (irritant),


and maybe try a mild salt water rinse. Typically this is what the doctor prescribes for a homeopathic kind of sore throat remedy where blistering has occurred. Careful what you eat for several days as well. Anybody have a good gruel recipe?

Soy milk is like coconut milk ;-)

Drink lots of cool (not cold) water. Whiskey is not so good if your tongue is swelling, as inebriation may stop you noticing that your breathing is being impaired.

(Next time, progress in 30 second stages, stirring in between.)

Also the anaesthetic effect is short lived enough to mean you'd end up rather drunk rather fast without meaning to. Bonjela and cold drinks maybe, clove oil possibly? though it has its own issues

Just in case anyone else reads this topic in the future.... be REAL careful with clove oil. It can be absorbed through the skin. ( I oiled a woodcut block with it and ended up with a numb hand. .. smelled good, though)

Clove oil hmmmm. I'll have a look for some because I get allergy blisters alot as well as burns....because I am impatient and drink stuff straight from molten heat lol, Thankyou for advise :)

Thankyou for your advice. I took it, My mouth feels much better now its just blistered pretty bad.
lol sat drinking whiskey what was I thinking lol

Oh, you should definitely see a doctor, believe me it is no fun, when it's getting infected. Drink camomile tea (let it cool down to room temperature) and don't eat anything hot, because it will irritate your mouth further.