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Paint will it stick?? Answered

Hey if I painted some plastic with carft paint then after a few coats of that I put a clear coat of krylon paint will it  peal or rub of any time soon after I painted it like that?


I've also been looking at this topic for a project. Yes the "surface layer" will peel off if, the plastic is pliable, goes into or contains liquid, is handled roughly. I havn't tried sanding because I want my project to be "see through" but It would hold the layer for longer. Glass paint will work but the same facts apply. Let us know if you solve it.

I also have a can Krylon plastic pink paint That I mit you use for a primer then put every thing down!

.  It depends on what type of primer and what type of paint you use. Is the Krylon compatible with those?

Yes I belive it is. I'm pretty much done testing it on a other pice of pastic!

There are paints specifically made for plastic; you might want to just start with those. (Krylon is one company which sells them, actually.)

Yes I know but I can't get my hands on them right now.

I have not tried this yet but I was looking to spray-paint my plastic kayak; a friend in the auto trade told me to use self etching primer.

As I say, I have not tried it yet but you might want to read around this product on Google.
Some are for metal only; this one's for plastic:


You need to try this yourself. Then you can tell all of us.

It depends on what kind of craft paint, what kind of plastic and what kind of wear and tear you put it thru after painting.

If you sand it lightly before painting you stand a much better chance of getting it to work.

At the very least clean the surfaces with alcohol or mineral spirits first.