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Painting basketball shoes Answered

I want to pep up these shoes. So my idea was to paint them, so can anyone tell me how to paint it, what paint to use and suggest colors and designs. And will the paint stay after rough use (playing basketball) and wash? Any way to make it permanent? Thx in advance.


The best leather paint I know is angelus paint. It doesn't crack, rub-off or peel. Just search on youtube for angelus paint, there are many tutorials on how to paint shoes. Maybe you can find some inspiration there.

The best stuff I've used is porcelaine paint. It does not chip off but instead creases along with the shoe. I've done several styles of painted leather shoes

I don't know if those are real leather uppers or maybe synthetic. The problem is that you have a flexible surface combined with motion and sweat/dirt. You can dye the leather but they are already a dark color. Permanent markers wouldn't do. You need some solvent based paint or ink to color it. Any thick layer of paint will crack off. You might need to scuff up the surface with sandpaper to help it adhere. Try spray paint. They do have paint pens if you want to add some design but I don't think an entire color change would work. Just get fancy laces. Experiment with one of those white-out liquid correction pens. I use it to mark my tools and it should hold up. Good luck.

fabric/vinyl spray paint is your best bet
above is a link for fabric spray paint. its solid stuff and lasts. it will still come off if scuffed or scratched but other than that it stains good. have fun
remember paint in a well ventilated area.
have clean up material ready.
use painters tape to mask off patterns.