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Painting on Fabric - What type of paint works best on fabric? Answered

We are making backdrops for our school play. We put together a 30 foot framework out of PVC pipe and now are attaching the fabric. What is the best (yet relatively inexpensive) type of paint to use? The fabric is actually king sized flat sheets (200 thread count if that matters).

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IHeartOrigami (author)2009-05-06

Fabric paint can be bought from any craft store.

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DELETED_GuardianFox (author)2009-05-02

If it's something you're only going to use once, a selection of latex OR oil (but not both) house paints will do nicely. It's best if you apply a thin coat of primer first, but your results may vary. Acrylic craft paints will work too, please prime first for these.

If it's to be re-used often or if it needs to be handled roughly, I suggest looking for fabric paints and dyes at your craft store. I highly reccomend Simply Spray fabric paint, but it may not be available where you live. See their site for a list of vendors http://www.simplyspray.com/ .

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