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Pan / tilt base Answered

as some of you alredy saw im trying to make a Wired pan and tilt base....

but im a bit a novice in all this....
MayB someone have plan or can make an instructables (or mayB there already an instructable on it and i didnt see it) on how to make a Wired pan / tilt base that would support the weight of a standart mini Dv Camcorder( not because im using a camcorder is just the same weight :P) and that would turn slowly



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schorhr (author)2008-03-08

Well if it needs to be precise stepper motors are the way to go;
You can get some from junk printers and scanners but they might be too weak.
Servos are very cheap (dealextreme, hobbycity, or any local hoby store).
You can move them close to the position you want to, but not milimeter by milimeter (which would be best if your camera has a high zoom).
Another advantage: You dont need step controllers and a few people have allready made pan/tilt platforms for rc-flying for example.

Basicly you need two servos that are strong enough, and either a microcontroller or a PC Interface. Maybee even abuse Servotester-Electronics.

Controlling servos via serial port & microcontrollers
http://www.pontech.com/products/sv200/index.htm (commercial, from $59)
Projects / People you could email

Mechanical part kits:

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schorhr (author)2008-03-08

You should describe your project further. R/C servos could do the job. Some can pull several pounds/Killograms.

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koax (author)schorhr2008-03-08

well i want to make a secrity camera that will have 2 axies (controlled by a wired controller or somethig) . ( one tilt ( aprox 90 degree (up down) and one for pan (left right) )

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