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Pandemonium 2011 Answered

Hello ibbelz, would anybody like to stop by Pandemonium 2011 this year?

Provided you can make it, it'd be fun to have some people other than the regulars stop by for once.

Here's a video of last year's war if you are wondering what's going on:


There will also be an afterparty with free coffee and chocolate cake.


7 years ago

So this got postponed until next weekend because Zak wanted to go. That's July 2nd.


Wouldn't be able to go until next year, though I am interested as to what would you guys add to this year's war compared to last year's?

For once, I am able to go. But I don't really have the money or the patience, sadly. Could you do us (well, me, but I know how much you care) a favor and mix it up this year? Try shotguns, maybe just a MeZak for a round, etc. Don't rangewhore, but try to take advantage of other weapon's abilities and see if they do any good. I'm just curious. But it's your war.

We did a lot of stuff like that last year, you'd be surprised how much diversity in guns there actually is (not all of KI are "range whores"). We made specific rule types that made shotguns very useful, maybe even overpowered. Each player was given more than one hit, and each time they were shot with one piece or ammo, it counted as a hit.

Well shoot, I missed most of it. All I recall is that a lot of hits were done by people charging in the video so I figured it wasn't as apparent that range isn't the prime stat of a weapon. And yes, I realize you're not range whores, I just think that too many people see a couple people using TRs and then automatically jump on board the TRain (yes, I went there, sue me). I'm all game for seeing some people stick to their TRs and others try something else. I also want to test KK's claim that finned ammo would make range the prime stat again. Try a round with them allowed and see if they really do make a huge difference.

I'll see about going next year so keep it going.

I don't plan on trying out finned ammo because it is too dangerous, and I have never liked the idea of guns having too much range because rushing will be eliminated for the most part and the round would probably be reverted to some sort of boring "lol xd ehpick sniper" round. This is something I had noticed in the nerfing community, low range and lots of rushing tends to produce a more fun event for everybody involved.

I look forward to your possible attendance one of these years.

Well, that's why I'm curious. Is it actually as overpowered as people think it is? And I'd see about adding tape to the front of a round to help absorb the impact when hitting. Shouldn't be as dangerous then. Though I suppose you'd also have to be careful about collateral damage.

Any chance at some first person/muzzle view? Even if it has to be poor quality, it shouldn't be too hard to find a cheap camera to mount. It'd be even better if you looked for that spyglasses ible and tried that out. Heck, seeing how everyone needs eye protection, the more you could make, the better. Though I don't know how cheap those little cameras can go for.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't want to pay for a plane flight to the US. But from what I saw last year, it looked fun! Good luck guys. Anything new that you know of being brought this year, Mepain?

Some people are working on war-worthy semi-automatic guns, but that's about all that I know of.

Ok. I love the new profile picture, it's great.