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Paper Airplane Contest 2 (Closed) Answered

In hopes of seeing more paper airplanes and innovative designers on Instructables.com, I have decided to host a second mini-contest. My goal is to stimulate the paper airplane channel and encourage more paper airplane builders to post their innovative designs.


1. Aircraft Requirements:

• Stability at all operation speeds
• A minimum glide range of 30 feet (9.144 meters)
• Durability to fly 30 feet or more after 15 flights
• Use of less than 15 inches (0.381 meters) of tape in construction
• Use of less than 5 pieces of 8.5 by 11 inch (A4) paper in construction
• Ability to carry at least 6×100mg toothpicks
• Provisions for landing gear and/or skids
2. Instructables Requirements:
• 1 page strictly devoted to materials required in construction
• 1 page explaining how to fly the aircraft
• The instructable's license must be: "Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)"
• The sentence and link (see below) publicly indicating the instructable’s acceptance into this contest

The sentence which must be displayed on your intro page:
This instructable is an entry in Paper Airplane Contest 2 (Instructable URL).”

For this contest I will award the publishers of the top 5 performing paper airplanes* one patch each. The first place winner will also recieve a 3 month Pro membership. By default, these patches will be medals (1st place, Patch with Gold Medal image and 3 month Pro membership; 2nd Place, Patch with Silver Medal image; 3rd Place, Patch with Bronze Medal Image; 4th Place, Patch with 4th Place lettering; 5th Place, Patch with 5th Place lettering).

If the winners of the patches would like a different image, there will be a 24 hour period between the announcement of the winners and the awarding of the patches. During this time, the user would need to send me a private message with their desired picture.

*Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of patches wide however, each entrant can only win one prize.

How To Enter:
To enter this contest, you must send me a private message entitled “My Paper Airplane [Member Name Here]” with your instructable's URL included. I will then put the link and author's name onto a list on this topic under "Current Entries".

For this contest, I have decided that I will judge all the planes myself based on abilities. I have decided this way because I believe judging on performance rather than shape is a more objective approach.

The contest begins Friday, January 14, 2011 and ends Monday, February 14, 2011. Entries must be published before Friday, February 11, 2011. From February 11 to February 14, I will be judging all entries. I will announce the winners of the contest on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 and issue them their prizes Wednesday, February 16, 2011.

Current Entries:

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OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)2011-02-14

Because there were no entries, prizes budgeted for this contest will be added to those slated for Paper Airplane Contest 3, which will begin soon!

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OrigamiAirEnforcer (author)2011-02-12

Paper Airplane Contest 3 will be beginning shortly!

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FrozenIce (author)2011-02-01

can our airplanes be made of stiff paper or cardboard and matches and glue?

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No. Due to my experience with A4 and tape, and my bad experiences with glue and other building materials, I have chosen to restrict the main materials to A4 and tape.

I hope this doesn't upset your ideas though, as that wouldn't be a good thing. :)

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Aerofan (author)2011-01-23

what are "Provisions for landing gear and/or skids"?

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It is the ability to have landing gear or skids fitted to the aircraft.

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Aerofan (author)2011-01-13

cool. I'm gonna try to enter this one

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