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Paper Mache Power Ranger helmet? Answered

What ways can I make this? I've done the duct tape mold method, and the balloon method. I'm not sure if either will turn out nice. I see all these Iron Man and Halo helmet instructables but never a Power Ranger one. Can you help?


hey if your still looking for some advice on making power ranger helmets out of paper mache ive been testing waters lol and i found this stuff called plaster wrap and its pretty useful in making them ill post what i have made so far maybe it will help some one out lol

check out my morpher prop instuctable and at the end there are pictures of a green ranger helmet that looks a bit unsavoury and a red ranger helmet that looked pretty cool, the paper mashe approach is tricky and can go either way as seen in my pictures. other than that there are some funky custom motorbike helmets that look awesome. or you can seek advice from the rangerboard.

cah el

8 years ago

i got these from some guy on the internet ,can't remember his name but hope these pictures will help


Many years ago, I made a papier mache viking helmet. I blew up a balloon, then gave it a "skirt" of cereal packet card. Using wall-paper paste, I layered it with strips of newspaper, then left it to dry for 24 hours before repeating until it was thick and rigid enough to feel "right". I then cut out a gap to look through, and built up the features with card, layered with more newspaper. The final layer was white paper, which I painted with ordinary poster paints. I meant, but never quite got around to, adding a sheet of wire mesh over the face, so that I could see out, but others couldn't see in.

We did similar, it took ages... esp with the varnish