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Paper machet Paper. what steps do you take to make a paper machet figure and how do you dry before adding next layers Answered


well if u want to make the actual paste u need flour, water and glue.

i made it last night and say if u put in 4 tablespoons of flour u need abt 12 tablespoons of water.

if u need to put more layers on it fast u need to simply set it next to sumfin very hot for it to dry it or get a hairdrier and dry to dry that way

hope this helps :)

For making a figure, start with a wire armature that you can bend into whatever pose you want. You can use any kind of wire you like. I usually use baling wire, cut up coat hangers, or old electrical wire.
Bulk up your armature using lightweight materials such as aluminum foil, hot glue, Model Magic, masking tape, or whatever. Just rough in the basic shape, don't worry about the details. Remember to make everything skinnier than you want it to be when it's done. Cover with the first thin layer of papier mache. Let dry in front of a fan or hear a space heater (not too close) or under a warm light bulb to speed drying. Apply next layer. Repeat until it looks the way you want it to.