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Paracord contest Prize Answered

I see the first prize for the paracord contest in "Leatherman Juice". What is Leatherman Juice? Thanks!



8 years ago

 I am disappointed that this would be a perfect reason for me to enter back into the Instructable fray as I've a perfect one for a paracord bullwhip but just not the time to write a decent instructable to describe it properly.

Really good whip too.


8 years ago

 Speaking of prizes, Fungus Amungus has a really good project in the contest, and I've always wondered what happens if staff win contests, or are they automatically ineligible, but enter to show off really good instructables in the spirit of the contest. Confused am I.

I've wondered about that too.

The one I won a couple of years ago was the XE6.

Could the winner request the instructables logo and/or mascot etched on it?

What version of Leatherman Juice is being offered for the first prize?

Loosely translated from French - very fashionable or classy.  Every maker should have one...or wish they had one.

Ahhh... Makes more sense now. Thanks!

and pronounced "tray sheek" like when you go to Target you say "tar zhay"

Wait, It's supposed to be pronounced "tar get"? I always say "tar zhay" whe I go there! (Jk about me not knowing its supposed to be pronounced "tar get") :P

I wish I had a laser cutter... unfortunately 8000 dollars for the epilog zing is a bit to steep for me. *Sigh*