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Pararel connection Transformer Answered

i want to combine two of 10 ampere Trafo, so i can have 20 Ampere power supply
 i read a few article that say if we connect the sekunder(secondary) of identical Transformer in pararel,
we can have a double time current flow on this connection.

do anybody have try this before?


It can be done, if the transformers are identical, and you keep all the wiring roughly the same length.


thanks steve,

some forum say that if connect and the polarity is wrong, its not good.
but i dont know how to discriminate where is the polarity, i use
Center Tap Transformer...

Yes, you MUST get the polarity right.

With ONE connection between the windings, so there isn't a circuit, but a voltage will exist. If the windings are the right way round, an AC voltmeter placed between the open connections will show close to zero volts, but if they are wrong will show 2 secondary volts