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Parkour Answered

So, beginning of the third day of learning Parkour. However, years of "Hardcore Tag" seem like the same things, just higher landings, instead of more effectively rolling.


Can someone point me in the right direction for parkour? I think I know how to roll, however Im not sure. Tips on vaulting and speed vaulting? How about after I vault, I have a 6-10 ft drop. Do I roll? How do you roll from high up? Do you do a landing, then crouch to roll? How can you become to have a smooth roll? Tips on catleaps? Where is the best place to practice or try out parkour?



I am part of the Missoula Parkour Group, and I have been training for about 2 months now, but this website should help you get started with some of the basics.  Look at the videos sand the Getting Started section.  I hope that helped!!

do what you feel is safe. If you don't want to roll then don't but make sure you land safely with slightly bent knees. I jumped off a fence about 8-10 m high and didn't roll. It's true. But it is always best to roll to absorb the shock and keep your momentum. Also rolling from high up is the same as on ground except slightly different.

By the way listen to what I just said because me and my friends have years of experience. Also the difference in the ground roll and the jump then roll is that you land and crouch into a roll as smoothly as you can. I'm thinking of making an instructable on this.

I haven't needed to roll yet, but thanks for the tips. I suppose I should learn how to roll, but wallruns and vaults suit me fine.

My six months is in 4 days!!!!

Do you have a sampler?

I'm sorry i don't have a sampler because i don't have the pics of me doing the rolls yet and its hard to teach the rolls without the pics.