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Parts for a high voltage supply? Answered

I am trying to make a power 100-200kv power supply. I plan to do this by putting the positive output of a 7.5 kv flyback transformer through a cockroft walton multiplier. I have never done something like this before, so I am not completely sure about everything. I plan to make the multiplier with 14-15 stages. I thought that it would be okay to use 10 kv DC 1000pf ceramic disk capacitors in the multiplier. One thing I'm not sure about though is whether or not the flyback outputs DC or AC electricity. I assume it is DC since the input is rectified, but if it still is producing AC then I should probably use 15-20kv rated caps. The main thing is that I don't know what diodes to use. I thought I would use 1N4007 or something similar but the peak reverse voltage is only 1 kv. Does anyone know what type of diode to use, and where to get it at a reasonable price (below $2 per unit preferably)? 


As for your diodes, you can put multiple diodes in series to get the desired peak reverse voltage. I had to do that before and as long as it doesn't get to excessive, it works out fine.


1n4007 diodes here for about 10 cents each. Comes in a pack of 100 for about $10.

I have grave doubts you'll boost a little flyback to 200kV !

A C-W needs AC to drive it.

Yeah I'm shooting for 100 kv. I can't find where to buy caps that are rated to the 20 kv likely to be produced by the other flyback and driver I could use, so I thought it would be easier to make the multiplier for the smaller input so the parts would be more accessible and affordable.

1. Your lack of experiance makes this a very dangerous project for you and others.

2. transformers of any kind don't work on DC.

3. IF you must do this then research an existing working and well documented project and follow it.

I am following a project from a book called Exploring Quantum Physics Through hands on Projects. There are pretty detailed instructions, but I wanted to see if there was a way I could use the flyback and driver that I already had before making the one detailed in the book. Thanks for your reply!

Ok follow the project closely and TAKE CARE. Make a mistake and you may not get another chance.

I understand the risks from the research I have done and I will be very careful. Thank you for your advice.