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Password reset Answered

I'm not sure if this is a true bug, but here goes nothing:

I tried to log in to add a comment to an Instructable, but I couldn't seem to recall my password, so I used the (lost username/password?) link at the bottom of the dialog screen and entered my e-mail.

Sure enough, I received an email from you letting me log in using a reset code:
Username: taserian

Reset code: [CODE REPLACED]

Reset here: [LINK REPLACED]

But when I try to reset my password, it still asks me for my old one, which is what I couldn't remember in the first place. The reset code and link only allowed me to enter the site using my account, but won't allow me to reset my password without using my older one. To re-enter my account after shutting down my computer, I would have to resend a request for a lost username/password.

The reset link should drop you into a page that allows you to reset your password.

Thank you.

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Flowerbuddy (author)2017-03-08

My code user name is Flowerbuddy and not


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Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-12-12
Okay. I just went through the password reset and this is what I saw.

Did this happen for you?
  • Go to Login page, say forgot password, put in email address.
  • Get email with reset code.
  • Click link in email (takes you to page show, but puts in reset code that I have taken out for privacy).
  • Put in Username, code, and new password
  • Click reset and you are done.

If this is not what you saw, could you take screenshots so we can get to the bottom of the issue!

Community Support Manager

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After clicking the link in the e-mail using Firefox 26, it takes me directly to the front page of Instructables. It never shows me the screen you show above with textboxes to enter the Reset key or a new password. I tested it in Chrome and IE, and these *do* show me the Reset password screen, so the problem seems to be local to Firefox (or just my machine's version).

In Mozilla Firefox 26, when I'm on that front page of Instructables after clicking the link, I'm apparently logged in, since I'm able to see all of my account details under the You Page at the top right. But I never entered my password, nor did I have an opportunity to do so.

Just in case, I went into Options > Security > Saved Passwords, but there are no saved passwords for Instructables.

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Interesting. I was using Firefox to reset my password. You might be right about your Firefox not being the right version. Thanks for looking into it. Do you need help getting your password reset? I can reset it with a temp password and then you can reset it to a password you want.

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I've already taken care of changing my password using Chrome. Thanks for your help, and have a happy holiday!

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