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Patch Giveaway Answered

To get into the Halloween Spirit I have some patches to give away.  Just download the blank pumpkin, draw a fun, scary, cool face on it with your favorite image editing program and post it back here to win a patch. 

Runs from now to Halloween (unless I run out of patches before then).

*There is also an Instructables Robot drawing contestwith a grand prize of one year pro membership!Here*


Here is mine. OK i could have done better

Screen shot 2010-10-20 at 4.25.53 PM.png

NOOOOOOOØOOOOOOOOOO! how could I have done such a thing? :-P

thanks. Ready 4 the robot contest?


7 years ago

Brain Slice with computer generated color scheme.


Nice one!

OMG!!! it took me for ever to do this .... i don't know how to use any image editing programs but i figured something out :-) so here it is


Well, the stalk reminded me of a mohawk so ....


Thanks for the patch. . . it is, of course, meant to look like Travis Bickle from the film Taxi Driver.

How's this?

Robot Pumpkin.png

Thanks for the patch!

I currently can't edit it but I will

Here's mine, can't wait to see all the others.


Fun to see what other folks do with the idea, ought to be some creatives one with this crowd!

Hey, hey, hey. Don't you know Disney's official motto?

Don't FMess With The Mouse

Looks a bit like my old 5th form sports teacher....... on a good day!.

School Teacher.jpg

Not that I remember.....that was, what, nearly 38 years ago...

My 5th year of secondary school would have been 1977.
The Queens silver jubilee, scout camp in Devon for three scorching weeks & my last summer without a (legal) motorcycle under me until my second son was born in 1992....
I was 15 & the world was not ready for me yet!!!!!!!! oh happy days :-)

Old farts dissipate, newer farts smell worse..... ;-)

I can't from here, but tomorrow, I will give it a shot ;-)

Hey hey, I am LOSING weight and am not so "great" anymore.

Gone, but not forgotten...


That's the scariest so far.

His legacy lives on in our laws and difficulties.....

The bumpkin does not fall far from the Bush....

As he would say if he were smart enough:


The pumpkin does not fall far from the vine...


7 years ago

Ohhhhhh--- FREAKOUT!