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Patio Door lock? Answered

Does anyone know what style of patio door lock this is? 



Or where I could get an exact replacement. 

There's nothing wrong with it.. I just want a second one to make a modified door jam so I can still lock my apartment, yet vent my AC without having to worry about anyone breaking in.

anyway, any help is appreciated. 




So the goal is to have the door locked, but still not fully closed? Is that correct?

Yes. Basically I want to add a second locking door handle assembly to a picece of 2x4 or 2x6 which will allow me to lock the the wood onto the door frame. Then lock the door onto the piece of wood. This will allow the door to be fully closed and locked. Then I will be drilling a hole in the lower part of.the wood allowing for water to run out of the air conditioner.

I know I could just put a cut off broom handle in the door not allowing it to slide open any more than an inch or so.. but then the entire door will be open that ammount, and counteracting the cooling effect of the A/C

Ok, just my 2 cents... but what I think would work better would be to drill out a vent hole through an adjacent wall. You can put a dryer-type vent cover on the outside, and on the inside the AC can connect directly to it. Then in the winter, you'd just cap the opening closed. IMO, that would be much faster/easier/cheaper and would look better in the end. You also wouldn't have to worry about any security issues with a vent, and if your concerned about any critters getting in, just use a metal screen on the vent cover.

Well.. that cant be done... seeing I live in an apartment complex

Okay I can see that being a problem. What you should be able to get (from nearly any hardware store) and install is a patio door spring lock (they come as keyless or keyed types). Install one so that the door can be open a couple inches (but locked), and then follow through with the 2x4 or 2x6 in the opening.

If you go with a keyless spring lock, the apartment complex shouldn't have any issues with it (essentially its added security).


I'm guessing based on the description of the door and the landscaping in the picture its an apartment that doesn't have any other options...

I really like the idea of just making a duplicate handle...I'd search the door for a brand name. USUALLY the door can be lifted to remove it from its tracks and it might have a trademark stamped on the bottom.