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Pda scratch remover Answered

I got a palm m100off the internet and I put it in my pocket then later I took it out there was a small scratch 1 cm long with a few bumps around it (the scratches were raised). what is the best way to remove scratches on the cheap side.when you run the stylus over the bump (you can notis this in note pad) it jumps and is anyoing. Any help will be great.


Hmmmn, I think you are stuck with it. It is one of those exercises that if you test a small patch it could go awry. I was going to suggest toothpaste as a very mild abrasive but then it would scratch even more and you cannot buff the plastic. Then you could use a "filler" but then that may be a solvent to the plastic. ...as I right this, I think....when we buy a PDA there is sometimes a protective cover that holds on by its own static...you could investigate that aspect, it may not be as sensitive but it would also protect it from other scrathes...an idea


11 years ago

Me too. BTW NEVER USE A PEN AS A STYLUS! Not even a ballpoint. I have an old Palm IIIe and I used a pen and I put a couple huge scratches in it. Whatever way you try to fix it, be careful, it's a touch screen. I'm guessing it can get damaged pretty easily.