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Pdfs not downloading Answered

Hi all, 

since ive upadated my new iPad Pro to the newest operating system from Apple I cannot download PDFs anymore, it worked fine before I downloaded the new operating system, anyone else have that problem?
anyone know how I can fix the issue?



I haven' upgraded and I am on a desk top computer. I am a premium member and have been downloading just fine until just recently. When I download the PDF, it will download but not with any extension so I can't use it. What can I do to get the PDF to download as a PDF?

Are there specific projects causing the issue?

Question number one: are you a premium / pro member?

Hi, yes, I have been pro since 2009.
I have worked outish the problem that I can download into iBooks as long as I don't press custom download.
This was not a problem with iOS 9.3.3.
The problem only came about when I went from 9.3.3 and installed iOS 10.
I recently upgraded from iPad Air to a iPad Pro and on getting the iPad Pro it was running on iOS 9.3.3 and everything worked but on install iOS 10 the trouble started.

As I said in onther topic for this:
Complain to Apple first.
I fail to see the point of the whole world bending over for the rotten fruits every time the "update" something....