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Peach-Pit Flooring - Go Green while staying healthy! Answered

Ever wonder what happens to those peach pits you throw out? No, I bet you don't, so here is an interesting new design utilizing the pits from peaches to create some neat flooring.


Think "eco-friendly home design" and a lot of different options come to mind, but I'm willing to bet fruit pits as flooring isn't one of them.

Alla le Roux feels differently however, and after being inspired by personal experience has started a business ( Stone Fruit Floors ) that designs and sells handmade flooring created out of peach pits. The pits are sanded down (to get rid of sharp edges and make them more comfortable to walk on) and set into the floor by hand along with glue, sand, and a resin mixture. The end result looks like a strange mix between hardwood, tile, and linoleum.

Interesting... I'm not really sure what else to say about this!

Check out the whole process here.

Here is another gallery of the floors

Someone has got to learn how to make these...will it be you? We can do it! Plus, you get the benefits of eating peaches!


I once heard of an eco-friendly sand-blasting process using ground-up almond shells instead of actual sand - it was gentler on old buildings, and the debris decomposed.

Not in the kitchen, drop an egg and you'll be cleaning for decades. Pretty thou.


10 years ago

Wow! I love the idea, look, texture, etc. Not sure about the eco-friendliness, however, given the amount of resin used...

Cool! I heard of something like this before, but they were loose.

They might be pretty nice to walk on, might be.