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Peep Show anyone? Answered

So has anyone seen the brilliantly funny ( but very underrated) Peep show?

It is extremely funny, and very witty in it's humour. It is a British comedy and has made 4 series and is going on for 5! Yay!

It uses the first person veiw in its shows and does it very well. ( you can hear the duos secret thoughts! lol!)

It is by far my favourite comedy!

How did you get into / come across it?
Favourite character (s) ?
Best episode?
Funniest moment?

Your welcome to share your news and comment here!

-- Peep Show is AWSOME! --


Lol. Peep Show always makes me laugh or gets me feeling happy. ( perhaps its how "inconvenient" the duos lives are , that mine doesn't seem that bad. lol.) My dad told me about it, thats how I got into it. First few episode I thought oh no this looks terrible ( due to the first person veiw), however after the bumpy start I loved it ever since! Fave character - Mark he's just so witty and a social killjoy! Its amazing the situation he gets in, with Jeremy, who is also funny. Best episode- I haven't really got one.... They are all so brilliant! But episode 2 in series 4 - ' The Conference ' - is absoloutly Hilarious!! Funniest moment - Umm... Probally when Marks crapping himself in series 3, or when he giving Jeff " the broom " Can't wait for series 5!!!! XD!

or when he giving Jeff " the broom "

Now that part was really funny! I also like when mark got stoned for the first time from taking one drag on a spliff, freaked out and asked jeremy "I... I'm not going to do a poo am I? Now I always ask my mates that when I'm mashed up.

I've seen all of series one and two, I got the DVDS!

I guess the shows not that popular on instructables.... lol?

I have never seen a listing for in on the TV, but then, I get very little viewing time.