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Peltier Air Water Harvester Answered

I was looking around at some of the air water harvesters tonight and of thinking about using a Peltier unit for one. Just started thinking and I know very little about either one of these.
So my question is, could you use the cold side of a peltier to get an air current down to just below dew point causing humidity to condense on maybe a heat sink or something so it could be collected and use the hot side to create the air flow by a chimney effect? No moving parts.  Solar power it so it an be used anywhere in the world? Could be something that could supply clean water to people in need.


I guess it could work at a cost BUT it is far easier to use a polythene sheet, a stone, a cup and a hole dug in the sand.

Works fine.

You COULD, you have to do some math to work out if its PRACTICAL though, or just something neat.

You need substantial heat sinking on a Peltier cell, if it isn't going to destroy itself, if you manage to get enought current to it.

The cells I use in my machines consume 450W each ! The smallest I've seen is maybe 1W.

Decide how much power you can throw at the problem.

Decide what climate you are expecting to get water from - Washington state/The UK - no problem - the Sahara, Arizona - forget it.