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Pen and Paper RPG Answered

I saw something a while ago.  I thought it was rather peculiar, and looked fun at the same time.  I looked it up, but I couldn't figure out what exactly you needed.  I mean, it said a whole bunch of stuff about game masters, game books, finding stuff in pockets, bashing down doors, and the like. 

     What do I need, and, more importantly, how exactly would one start one?
     The books are also what I am wondering about.

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EmmettO (author)2010-07-14

There are tons of free PnP RPGs available. Just google free RPG. You'll probably want to pick one that has a theme you and your friends will like. There are tons of them. You might even run across mine! :) Usually a free game is downloadable as a PDF that you can print out. Sometimes you can buy a book if you decide you like the game and want a hard copy.

You need at least two people to play. Three is more fun. More than that might be hard to deal with at first. There is a steep learning curve. The first game or four, you'll just be learning how to play. A lot of times the person to introduce role playing to a group is the GM (Game Master) or DM (Dungeon Master) or Ref (Referee) depending on the game. The rest will make up PCs (Player Characters). Every game has a different way of doing this and different rules so when you download the PDF it should have all the instructions you need to actually play.

Play normally consists of the GM making up a setting, like the background story of a book, and the Players decide what the main characters of the book will do.

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MrSalvador (author)2010-04-10

I used to play a game in elementary with my friends called "Weebles" where we would duel (rock paper scissors) for money and items, such as we bet stuff, and set up stores that could not be copies etc. It was lots of fun, but I think wocket's idea is a little for sophisticated

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wocket (author)2010-04-08

it sounds like you stumbled across an old note page of a traditional rpoleplaying game that is played with several players and a dungon master (at least thats what we called them in the early 90's). to play you need a rulebook, Such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (there are hundreds of different ones) and five or six other players. you get together and play based on the imagination of the book and dungeon master. there are all sorts of rules for determining how much treasure you fide, who wins a fight etc. Ask about it at your local comic book store to try and find an existing group who will let you join in. :)

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