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Pen that uses blood for its ink Answered

This massive custom pen uses blood for ink. Stick the syringe in your arm, draw some blood, and load it up to start writing your Poe-inspired masterpiece.

I've gotten much better at having blood drawn and it doesn't bother me now, but I don't know if I could take some of my own. I'd love to feel how well it writes, though.

Only the first minute of this video is worth watching. The rest is just more writing.

Note: This is not me and since there's no proof that's blood (watch the editing), I think this is more of a concept and is using red ink.

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yes where can I buy this

It's not real, and if it were it would be madly dangerous to use.


10 years ago

this is ...inventive ? to say the least why would you use your blood when you could use red ink this is disturbing and will give people bad ideas its only a matter of time until someone gets aids using that thing unless your the only one writing with it and handling the paper

To get aids from handling the paper you'd have to mush it up and inject it into yourself - within half an hour of it being written, and I assume you'd just use a new syringe for every use.

It would have to a cut where the inks was (i.e. right up to the edge) and it would have to be while the ink was still wet, and regardless it would still be very unlikely that you would become infected with such a low dose

well no if someone was handeling the page and a cut on there hand it would be possible

wait, couldnt you just use blood instead of india ink with a regular dip pen? that would solve the clogging issue...

i agree this is verry disturbing

I assume it does. I'm somewhat loath to attempt to open one up as: 1) I might break it. 2) It's sealed up pretty good. 3) There could be vampires or demons inside it. Funny thing about the Kubuntu background, it was the first handy light-coloured thing I could find to: 1) provide contrast for the photo, and 2) attempt to cover the fugly carpet, I laid out all that stuff on (although if I hadn't mentioned it, people might have just assumed it was a hardboard or MDF benchtop, due to the poor photography. Perhaps I'll make a framed diorama of the instruments sometime. I like "juxtaposition" as well, though not as much as "loath", or even "dearth" and "surfeit", which I'll use anytime, even out of context, having a dearth of opportunity to use 'em, and a (completely imaginary, as I should be working) surfeit of spare time, to type long-winded commentary, rampant with pretentious diction and archaic terminology.

I bet people will be using these at Vampire: The Masquerade LARPs for years to come now. :P


10 years ago

==*Puking sound*== Oh Gawd I find that sickening!!!

Sure thing. I'm on a molasses connection right now, though. Photos seem to take about an hour to upload. I'll wait till next time I'm on high speed. (a day or two, possibly 3)


Oh hey! It actually worked. Please disregard above comment. Here's some pics. Not particularly good ones, I'm afraid. Note the valve block at the end of the syringe, to allow it to pump liquids out of and into things. The long tubes with rods inside them, have various hooks and grabbers at the end, as well as ports on the side for connection of the pump apparatus. The whole shebang came in a smart black leather doctor's bag.

Just noticed that, after posting my own anticoagulant comment...

The leeches would add an anticoagulant, to make non clotting ink, as would mosquitoes. I for one, would prefer a great many unpleasant things to having leeches applied to me.
I have a set of old chromed brass morticians syringe pumps, once used for exsanguination and and formaldehyde introduction, presumably on the already expired. Would be tres steampunk as well as refreshingly ghoulish.

Sweet. I would probably just fill the syringe with red ink though.

The funny thing is, it might be red ink after all. In the video there is no direct proof that that's blood. He goes from a close up of the syringe filling up and then shows pulling away from a different shot.

Yeah, I was going to say... it doesn't look blood-like to me, either...

That may be the cause for the blotching too, if it is not thick enough.

Just think, if you ran out of red ink, technically you would have an infinite amount, as long as you took it for other sources. I want one. How much are they? On a second thought, I probably can look that up myself.

this would suck for left handers. framed with a triple homicide ruin your day

I'm not trying to rip on you but can't you use red food coloring because you can very easily coses a flu to go around?

Wouldn't the blood coagulate after a while?



10 years ago

thats pretty cool, but that design sucks, look at how much it spits out, if you wanted to write with your blood just use a real quill it would look way nicer and write awesome

hmmmmmm odd. thats not blood he is writing with either

yah this as gr8 intill u start writing a book with it or something and taking blood like every 30 min then u die from loss of blood

That's what having a large family of siblings is all about....you know, sharing LOL

yah just sneeak into ur little borthers room and suck him dry then u have to explain to mom and dad lol

If you have enough brothers and sisters, you only need a little from each, and since you make quite a bit daily, it wouldn't be missed :-)


10 years ago


If you find the blue prints or something I would love To make it but not use real blood that would suck to get aids

Disturbingly nice, I really like the way the "ink" is fed to the pen but the acrylic gearbox is to big, an easy way to remove all mechanic part is just by plugging it by intravenous, you use your heart to power the ink feed... Nah just kidding. By the way, who made/invented this thing? Is it you Fungus?

That's pretty cool, imagine bringing this to school though. Haha!


10 years ago

I doubt thats real blood, in the first shot the "blood" is transparent, blood is opaque, and we never actually see him drawing the blood. It doesn't look like a anticoagulant was used either, so the blood would have clotted well within the 4 minutes plus that this recording took.

theres a couple of ways to describe this disturbing creepily cool AIDS!!!! and its sad to think you actually spent time inventing something like this

If he expects me to sign any contracts the Devil better have a nicer pen than that!

Way too much acrylic to call it steampunk. I think this falls more into the medical fetish category.

That contraption is way to unweildly for my taste. And the writer needs to learn how to use a blotter, seriously. Despite the fact that it will coagulate fairly quickly, why not just use the refillable bulb of the fountain pen? Or isn't this one of those older pends?