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Penny for your thought Answered

For the past several weeks, I have been debating what to do about this penny. It has become a point of hallway conversations and old adages. Find a penny and you will have luck all day. I'm not so sure about that? What are your thoughts about this penny...


So how is that penney doing? Is it still there?

I hadn't thought about that in a while. I don't think it is there any more but I will check after the holidays when I am back in the office.

You know that penny in your pocket? Where was it before it was given to you?
I know very littly about urinals but I know money can get very dirty.
Ever seen Magic Christian?

Yeah, in reality, urine itself doesn't carry pathogens from the body most of the time, like solid waste does...

It isn't the issue of the penny being dirty as much as it is putting my hand down a urinal for a penny. I really don't have an issue getting the penny; but I have realized that it is not worth reaching in there for it. I am getting much more entertainment from talking about this penny. :-)

It was probably thrown in there specifically to cause somebody exactly this sort of dilemma.

You don't want to get your hands in there? Well, UK pennies are magnetic, so all you have to do is go prepared ...

Who needs a magnet? A pair of needle-nosed pliers, or a stick with some gooey gum stuck to the end should do the trick.....now where is that disinfectant....LOL

If the penny wasn't there, what would you have to wonder about? Might as well leave it there. Makes a great conversation piece. Makes me wonder if the urinals get washed. If so, even the cleaning people don't want the penny! Turn it into an experiment. See how long it takes to get discolored. Compare it with the rate of discoloration in a wishing well or something. Does urine change the reaction rate?

When it was first in there it was darker than it is now. I have a picture hanging in my cube with the title "Penny for your Thought"

Hmmm. One wonders then what has been cleaning the penny.

Seems to me that back in the day, people would sell their urine as a cleaner.

I can now confirm this! I went to the Pompeii exhibit at the MN Science Museum and yes they did use urine to clean their clothes and make them white! They used urine because it breaks down into ammonia. They had "piss pots" lined along the road for people to make their "contributions".

Have we thought about the possibility of the added chlorine to the water supply helping clean the penny ? It has been a long time since I dealt with this but my first thought would be it would convert to cupric chloride (and therefore become green) if this were the case, but then again, if it washed away, the penny might just become shinier this way. *shrug*

Thank you for the clarification on this. I think it may have more to do with the cleaning crews chemicals but I am not going to set up an experiment to make that determination. But if someone needs an idea for an instructable, there is alway "Cleaning your pennies with pee"

. If ppl at that urinal flush, then there shouldn't be much ammonia buildup. Or so I will guess - if the penny is sitting there 24/7, it might only take very small amounts of ammonia to have an effect over time. . I'll also guess that the cleaner the cleaning crew uses eats the corrosion off the penny to make it shinier over time.

a mental picture

i found a shoe in a urinal once. and yes i peed on it

Ahh! But do you have a picture of it?


10 years ago

Just an update for everyone. It is August 22, 2007 and the penny is still there. I have enjoyed the conversations about the penny. If I had known this was going to such an interesting point of discussion, I would have put a penny in there years ago!


10 years ago

You know, first there was sex. And then there was putting the three kids through several years each worth of diapers. And in between there were the three childbirths. Extracting that penny wouldn't cause me a second thought. (On the other hand, some time in there the value of a penny went down quite a bit.) :-)

I say you should glue it in so it will never be able to be taken out. BTW; for the men, wouldn't it be great to have a urinal in your house? So Convenient!

Don't seem to need glue. It has been there for a month or so and doesn't seem to move much. I don't think the cleaning crew's brush goes down there. When I was adding a new bathroom on the my old house, I looked into urinals. I did think it would be great to have one in the house. I was told that I would have to clean it and I did not have a problem with that. That had been part of my job back in the day and it was never an issue.

DUUUUUUUUDDDE it would kill to piss that out... lolol Speaking of Urinals anyone ever had a phantom pooper Its where someone turds in the urinal they had to close all the bathrooms in the high school a few years ago cause of someone. I don't even know how they do it

someone at our high school beat it. they took a crap in the water fountain. got a step ladder out of the janitors closet and went at it.

A friend of mine found some coins inserted into a turd in a train toilet. As a child he recovered and washed them and was quite pleased. Would be the equivalent of a Dollar 20 years ago. L

Ha, what a random place for a penny. Maybe you should make a sign for the urinal. Either "URINAL OF DOOM" or "URINAL OF LUCK" depending on whether heads or tails is facing up. I can't tell!

What is the rule on that? If you find a penny, is it face up or face down that brings you luck? I wend in and took a close look and it is face down.

Urinal of Doom it is, then!

I'll start working on the sign...

I'd say that's a bad luck penny. But just dig it out and wash your hands thoroughly and you'd have one more penny than you now have.

Throw a nickel on top of it and see if anyone goes fishing : ) Leave it for a week-then add a dime...

If it had been a nickel or a dime to begin with, I would have go after it!

Make it a pet, as you would a rock!

Maybe more like a fish. I don't want to pet this pet. But I will clean its tank a couple times a day.