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Pepsi Refresh Submission Answered

Please cast your vote for the CIR's Pepsi Refresh submission to Provide Cost-Effective Prosthetic Care in Underserved Midwestern Areas - http://pep.si/eo57my

Video for the submission is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7gVKMypR7E


Why? (should I do this}


This project would allow for the delivery of training related to low-cost, high-quality prosthetic fabrication techniques (like the soda bottle prosthesis). By informing more rehabilitation service providers about these techniques, the provision of prostheses can be improved and devices can be delivered to individuals who otherwise might not have access to them.

Oh cack, you're a long way off the top ten - is this scoring entirely based upon internet-votes?


Since it's just the second day of voting, ranking is currently figured according to when entries were submitted. Scoring is based on voting, and individuals can vote once daily for up to 10 entries.

Thanks so much for your questions!

It looks worse today, but I guess not many votes have been cast yet.


Hopefully with the support of the Instructables community things will improve!

Well we keep commenting, so maybe someone else will notice.