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Permitted attachment file types. Answered


I'm having trouble finding a list of permitted file types for attachment to articles. I understand there are some which work, like .svg, .pdf, and the image extensions. The reason I ask is that I wish to attach Autodesk 123D Design .123dx files, but it doesn't appear to like it.




Pretend the files are images, and upload them that way.

I think we're missing the point here. All of these options will probably work, but I was asking to be able to attach .123dx files without over complicating things.

I think the perception problem here is that you can upload any file to your "image library" but the file gets renamed to some pseudo-random character string and file extention if any. The file is intact but you just have to remember to rename it to the proper name and filetype after it is downloaded. Also, you would need to warn others if that has to be done.

This is what I am trying to avoid. Maybe I have over complicated my question. I shall reiterate; Can you enable the uploading of .123dx files please?

Sorry, I am just a user-at-large, staff may be overwhelmed with other site changes so I do no know if or what their reply is.

its ok now. I have embedded a link to the model from Autodesk 123D instead.

Maybe if you try with .ZIP or .RAR?

I did think of that, but I haven't tried it. i was hoping that maybe instructables could enable the attachment of uncompressed .123dx files?