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Pesky cat and warm air heating sensor Answered


My dear little cat takes great pleasure in warming her butt on our warm air vents. I was wondering if someone could help me design/build a little sensor that I could place on each warm air vent. It would need to look inconspicuous and keep the cat away from the vent (vibrate or buzz when she approaches? - dunno, you suggest).




get a couple of these and put them near the vents (or anywhere else you don't want the cat going) for a couple of weeks.

Why inconspicuous?

If she learns to link that odd-looking thing on the vent with an unpleasant noise, she'll stop lying up there altogether.

H4ZZ498's switch idea is a good one. Another way would be to have a sensor that detects light (even a CDS cell would work), and have a light source aimed across where kitty lay. The circuit would be wired to set off an alarm or buzzer nearby when the beam is broken. If it is an area no one else frequents, even a in IR motion sensor would work.

You could always go for other ways.
Like training it not to sit there by useing a spray bottle of water.
Or putting some double sided sticky tape on it, cats hate having things stuck to thier feet and will avoid it.
Or get a plastic vent cover that directs the heat away and the cat can't sit on.
Just a few suggestions to think about.

Perhaps some kind of pressure plate button?
https://www.instructables.com/id/CD-Switch/ - That kind of thing?

Probably not the best you could do, but it's the best I can think of.