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Pet Travel Kennel Into Doghouse Answered

Hello everyone!  Finally made an account after using this site for over 5yrs because I'm hoping to find some advice.

I have a big, plastic, dog-sized travel kennel (airplane kind).  Since my pet isn't using it anymore, thought I'd convert it into an outside doghouse seeing as though it's practically complete already.  To prevent rain from getting inside, I need to cover up the side & back barred "windows".  My 1st impulse was to replace the metal bars with wood, but rain would just leak in through the top.  Any thoughts on attaching a makeshift roof?  I've added a picture of it to help (the metal door has been removed).



6 months ago

I'd use a piece of vinyl flooring and put a piece of granite (which you can get as scrap from a kitchen counter making place) on top to hold it down. But I'd use those materials because that's what I have lying around. There are numerous ways to rain-proof that box.

For a temporary arrangement, you could tape a large plastic bag around everything but the opening. It will fall apart in the wind, but it's temporary.

Keep it a bit off the ground, like on some spacer boards. The ground may get wet, and the box has a drain hole (I think).

Or, you could cover it with one of those old plastic tablecloths with the non-skid backing. The material is water proof, easy to cut and shape, you can staple it or tape it or glue it, and they even come in patterns if you want that. Worth a try.


7 months ago


Light plastic very good for traveling, but will it last one year , exposed to

direct sunlight ?

By the dog point of view:

There are too many apertures in that box, I fell the wind passing trough.


Simply cover it with a piece of wood like on old tabletop of shelf...
Gives some added weight too.