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Petrol/diesel still separator Answered

Ok so is any one game to make a basic still that will evaporate petrol into vapor and then reform via cooling into petrol? Where a vehicle that runs on diesel has been filled with petrol, this device could save $1000's. No spark or naked flame to a 100 degree max temp will be safe. there's a challenge! PS garages will give you this stuff for free.


Neither petrol nor diesel are made of a single chemical substance. Long before the heavier parts of petrol are boiled out, the lighter parts of diesel will start to evaporate.

It's like mixing red wine and coffee. You may be able to get alcohol and water back by distillation, but not wine nor coffee.

Best thing to do with your mix i my opinion? Try to find a burner that can handle both and heat your house.

have you come across any plans for a waste diesel/petrol fuel burner? Even one that will act as an open fire place? It would save wood.

If you pumped gasoline [petrol] into a vehicle designed for kerosene [diesel] then the fix is to drain the tank. Once you drive away with the mix, you have done serious engine damage to any modern (post 2002 model American diesel). The damage done is so expensive to repair that no one wants to play with contaminated fuel.

Turning gasoline into vapor is an explosion hazard anyway.

Thanks David, and yet I've seen petrol being boiled without explosion. It needs a flame of spark or extreme heat to flash point. Any more thoughts on this?

To get useful seperation you have to perform a fractional destillation of the mix.
As this also seperates all the added "extras" you are left with basic diesel oil (might work again in a diesel enigne) that is of little help, near pure benzine and a lot of very violent other components.

Only the right mix makes petrol out of itIf I assume you get the mixed fuel for free, the equippment you need to do this properly would pay for itself in as little as 20 years - based on about 100 liters of mixed fuel per week....
You also need a license as you are dealing with a product that requires taxes, does not matter that they were paid already as you "create" new fuel from a waste product.
The local fire brigade will love the setup as well and might rise some concerns as the equippment is quite huge and not easy to hide behind trees...

Just making homemade biodiesel from waste vegetable oil is enough to get the local fire department nervous. It doesn't take much vapor to detonate under the wrong circumstances. Gasoline and diesel motor fuel have additives that you can't replace, either. When I worked at UF part time as a student collecting haz waste for disposal, the burnable waste chemicals went into a tank and were sold as boiler fuel. If there were any halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine) in the mix, it was considered useless even for boiler fuel because the halogens would react to form acids that would corrode the boiler. Waste fuel recovery is an art.