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Phishing? Or link to virus site camoed as from instuctibles. Answered



8 years ago

Oops for some reason the post body didn't come through here it is.

Got this email and it doesn't seem legit seeing as it was featured months ago.  Maybe a phishing site or site with virus.

Thought I would put the warning out there



Your Instructable "How to make a rugged and handy Paracord Belt." was just featured by one of our editors!


Being featured means we think you are awesome.  Keep up the great work!


Look for your featured Instructable, within the next 30 minutes, here:






Founder and CEO of Instructables

Sorry! That came from one of our local machines. The "localhost" is the tip off. It means someone at the lab here didn't have emailing turned off while they were testing something.

Thanks, Eric! Good to know my analytical skills haven't gone completely to pot :-/

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure if the links actually pointed to where they said they did (local host) as opposed to being camoed as for something else.

Hmmm....I wonder if that was coming from testing by the developers which "escaped."  Official e-mails from I'bles come from "robot@instructables.com", not from a Squid Labs GMail account.  And as Nacho noted, those URL's are referenced to "localhost", which means just the machine the server is running on.  As part of that, port 8080 is generally not used for public Web servers (port 80 is the default), but for testing.

I agree - something escaped the development team.

Since the comment box has been updated, I agree with myself - the site got updated, something escaped in the process.

.  I'm not sure what's going on with the e-mail address, but the links are to pages on a local web server, not Instructables. If it a phishing attempt, it is a very poor one.


8 years ago

From :  squid.blox@gmail.com