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Phony Virus Warning Message Popup Answered

 I occasionally get virus warning messages on thissite that are fake. How do I know that they're fake? I have a mac and the popups have a Windows 7 appearance. They also say my PC is infected.

What happened? Now I have to force quit safari because it gives you one option, accept. No close, exit, or cancel.


this is known as a  virus.fakealert.
I get them In my e-mail all the time, but my AVG free stops them before they activate.  I haven't gotten them from this site though.

Try switching to firefox or crome if nothing else works. 


.  Do they popup only when visiting certain web sites and/or pages?

 I visit so many different 'ibles daily that I don't see a pattern.

PEN Hack VIDEO Is infected   false virus program it has screwed my  XP machine and got past my AVG protection

Would you mind also posting this as a top-level comment on the exisitng ad-virus forum topic?

If you can confirm that it's the video itself, and not an ad on the page, would you also send a PM to Noah?  He's the Staff member who seems to be trying to coordinate eliminating the virus problem.