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Photo Collection of Crazy Bikes Answered

Check out this collection of choppers, recumbents, tall bikes, and many more oddball ways of pedaling around. Kudos to all the folks who made these and ride them on the streets. It looks like a lot of fun.

20 of the Freakiest Custom Bikes on the Road via treehugger


The shoe bike might be a bit bumpy...

It would be bumpy, but how cool it looks makes up for that.

all of those bikes were awesome

converse all star to road bikes and salomon to mtbs.. really nice


you did that to a Cannondale Raven Carbon?????? why you do that to such a sick bike

Nice my dad used to build his own choppers when he was like 10.

You Rock! Very cool. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. The running shoes bike is so creative and whimsical!!!

HAH ! the shoe one is amazing !

I like the second one