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Photo to Stencil without Photoshop or GIMP Answered

i dont have photoshop and im kind of freaked to download off the internet for fear of slowing my computer even more than it already is (im running windows 98). all i have of a graphic application is the corel programs. anyways, i was just wondering if i could use the same methods of converting a picture into a stencil as on photoshop or GIMP. any experience on this would help.


hey u can use paint lol...mm and microsoft foto editor... i find it easier than with gimp....


11 years ago

The better draw programs include an 'autotrace' function for converting bitmap images to vector format. I'm certain that newer versions of Corel have it.

Even the freeware Inkscape draw prog has this capability. Often a traced bitmap works great for a stencil since it's usually 'abstracted' somewhat in the process. Inkscape is also a much smaller download than GIMP, if I recall.

Playing with the trace setting can usually get one close to the target result. However, not all photos lend themselves to this technique, and usually the traced result needs some editing.

One plus--vector traces can be enlarged greatly, so working from a low-res original isn't a problem.

No. Corel is a draw program. This allows you to build with objects. You need a bitmap editor with appropriate plugins. If you get Gimp from the main page http://www.gimp.org/windows/ you can rest assured that it's spyware/malware free. Don't download it from anywhere else!