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Photographic Atmospheric Perspective: Does anyone know what this is? Answered

Ok, so my not-so-tech savvy cousin called me and asked me about atmospheric perspective. It is a college assignment, and I believe she has to exhibit atmospheric perspective with a picture of a playground play set. Should she take the picture during sunset where there is a different contrast on different objects? Thanks for your help.

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jtobako (author)2009-03-04

Atmospheric perspective would be when distant objects loose color or fade so they look like they are behind clearer objects. Easiest would be to find a foggy day, next might be darkroom or photoshop manipulation. If you position yourself right, you might be able to overexpose the film so that the foreground is darker than the background.

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caitlinsdad (author)2009-03-03



Looks like you need to take a picture of the playground set where the landscape scene behind it is a mountain range. Maybe you can also go to the beach or water where you can see dunes or many boats off in the distance. Good luck.

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