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Photojojo Photo Month Winners Announced Answered

Instructables and Photojojo are happy to announce the prizewinners from the Photojojo Photo Month!

We saw lots of fantastic Instructables that covered all sorts of photo tricks and techniques. From classic darkroom methods to photoshop skills to faking a Polaroid picture, the entries displayed an incredible amount of skill and creativity. Thanks for sharing your projects and ideas!

Photojojo and Instructables staff judged the contest, then added in the user votes. Winners will receive notifications within the next couple of days.

Now, on with the winners!

First Prize

The authors of these Instructables each receive an Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card, an Instructables Robot t-shirt, and Instructables stickers. In alphabetical order:

Forge a Polaroid (kinda)
by Seppuko

How to Steady a Camera with String
by marc92

Make your own Gorilla Pod
by benthekahn

Second Prize

The authors of these Instructables each receive a Monsterpod, an Instructables Robot t-shirt, and Instructables stickers. In alphabetical order:

Third Prize

The authors of these Instructables each receive Magnetic Photo Rope to display their pictures and an Instructables robot patch and stickers. In alphabetical order:


Not to sound impatient or anything, but how long does it normally take for a winner to recieve their prize?

I tried out my photo rope. Those are some really strong magnets that it came with. I like...


I received my t-shirt and monsterpod this evening. I love the monsterpod, and the t-shirt is going to my sister's boyfriend. I promised him that if I won, I would give him the t-shirt. Thanks!

The monsterpod is awesome! I like the t-shirt, it's my first one :D.

Nice work! Of course it is deathly humid here in PA, and the first wall I stick the monsterpod to it leaves orange residue. Luckily you just can dab it up with the main part of the monsterpod to get it all up. Also, did you get some sort of extra "plate" that came with the monsterpod. I got the travel case, and then another plate that the pod can sit in. Did you get that?

I got some on our wall paper but it came off easily hehe. Yeah, I got that too.

Maybe so that you can just ste the monsterpod down on it when you're going to use it in a few minutes instead of using the case?

Good call, that is what I thought it was for.

Well then, I suppose we're right!

I just got my card but it doesn't fit in my camera. Oh well.

So what do we do to get them?

:D Yay!!! :D

Now that I've gotten over my inital shock I'd like to say thank you. So, thank you!!!

i was in first place for views, 2nd for votes i was so stoked on getting a card or monsterpod............ what was the basis on which this contest was judged? I'm declaring shenanigans, i totally got ripped off here. wtf?

out of curiosity, how do you see the number of votes something got?

I don't think that you can see the NUMBER of votes, but you can see the ranking. When you are first looking at the contest entries, they are ranked by views. When you click on the [2] to see the second page of entrants, you will get a drop-down menu that lets you re-rank by views, votes, most recent, etc. Another way to see, is to go to the VOTE screen. You'll find the same re-ranking menu there.


10 years ago

w00tness to three winners! xD and well done to all the others!


10 years ago

I'd like to thank the academy.. and all of the little people (especially my niece, Hannah) who made this third place award possible. :-) (planning my next contest entry now)

Cool, a string to hold my prints.

I wouldn't be nearly as annoyed that I missed the deadline if I hadn't gotten any results when I tried my method out yesterday...A lousy image, but proof that it would work.

Oh, and I'm glad to see that W-burg won something. With his avatar, it would be a shame if he was left out.

Sweet! A Monsterpod! Thanks everyone!

Great job all....now I am kind of glad I didn't enter *blush*


...or...something..... TO all the WINNERZ!!!!!

Congrats everyone!!!

(we probably shouldn't talk like this)

Congratulations to the winners!!=

Congratulations to the winners!!